Monday, September 27, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Thank you Amanda for this week's Top Ten list!  I'm also going to take an idea from last's week's Five Question Friday blogs I visited, Tyler's Blog.  Read her 5QF post, it's hillarious!!

Top Ten most wonderful "W" words ever:

1.  Word
     Not as in "word", slang, but as in The Word (i.e. The Bible).  What could be more wonderful than that?
2.  Watermelon
     It's dellicious, nothing more to say.
3.  Water
     The water is a beautiful thing.  To be out on the water, just sitting on a surfboard, is very relaxing.

4.  Whipcream
     Again, it's delicious!

5.  Woman
     We are a beautiful, intelligent...need I go on?

6.  Winter
     It's such a beautiful time of year.  All the decorating that gets to get done and of course there's Jesus' birthday.  Defintiely a fun time of year!

7.  Waves
     See number 3.  This may be construde as a duplicate, but really there's a difference between sitting on your surfboard and riding a wave.  The first time you catch a wave, it's such an amazing feeling.

8.  Whimsical
     This is just a really neat word I think.  Reminds me of The Cat in the Hat.
9.  Wizard
     Not that I believe there's a true thing as wizards, but I like this word for the cartoon/fantasy feeling.

10.  Wolverine
     I'm a University of Michigan fan.  Go Blue!!

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