Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

It's Monday and I'm still stuck here at work.  Been here since 5:45pm last night.  I've got a little less than an hour left, but then I come back at 3:45pm.  I hoping to sleep all day.
Enough of that, let's get going with the Meet Me On Monday questions.  Thanks to Never Growing Old for the questions.

1.  What is your favorite way to eat chicken?
     I guess my favorite way would have to be marinated and baked.  Lately though I'll just throw it in the crock pot with some sauce and let it simmer for several hours.

2.  Have you decorated for Christmas yet?
     Yes!  We have the outdoor decorations up and went and bought a fake tree last week.  We haven't decorated the tree just yet because we're having our carpets cleaned this week and I wanted to be able to easily move the tree.  My son is loving laying under the tree.  Sad we didn't do our tradition of cutting one down, but it's proving to have been a better idea to get the fake one.

3.  What is your favorite article of clothing?
     Sweatpants/pajama bottoms.  They're SO comfortable.  Ahh, I wish I was home right now in a nice warm pair, snuggled in bed.  Almost time to go home.

4.  Do yo pay your bills online or write checks the old fashion way?
     It wasn't until recently that I started paying bills online.  And actually the majority of my bills are on auto-pay.  I found myself forgetting to pay them ever since I had my son, so it was easier to put them on auto.  There are still some bills that I write checks for, but majority is done online.

5.  Do you make Christmas cookies?
     No, but I have visions of someday doing it with my son.  I'd like to make sugar cookies and decorate them.


  1. Hi 'RipCurlMama'! I'm your latest follower having been blog surfing today :) I've had to give up surfing....I'm too old now for it.
    Grumpy old Hubby has gleefully banned Christmas as Son left home earlier this year and Hubby sees it as an opportunity to not spend money.So no decorations up yet in this house....I'll sneak some up when he goes out....old Scrooge. Lovely to meet you and I look foward to reading more.

  2. Sad...I grew up at the beach and never learned how to surf.

  3. Hi there, I don't know how to surf either, but I hope one of my beach boys will teach me one day. Now that the water is colder, we don't spent nearly as much time at the beach, but once it warms up we'll be there at least once a week again.

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  4. Hi! New follower from Meet Me On Monday. I hope you will drop by my blog too.

    My husband and I picked up a fake tree too. It is so dry here in Arizona that we thought it made sense in the form of safety. I must admit that I do miss the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree. I even like how it smells when you vacuum up all those needles. My son and I make at least one batch of cookies each year for Santa, but other than that I pretty much make fudge. Have a great week!

  5. I so love that I found another 911 dispatcher on line! I dispatched for over 12 years and would love to chat once in awhile. Are you a member of 911 Cares?