Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - One of those days

Thanks to Oh Amanda for this week's Top Ten Tuesday idea!
Have had one of those days?

1.  Where you worked (or were up) all night?

2.  Then came home, ready to go to bed, and everyone is up and just getting started for the day?

3.  And then once you said your "good mornings" and gave kisses, you were SO excited to climb into the nice warm bed.

4.  Just to get woken up a little later because your husband/wife wants to ask you if s/he can wear a certain beanie.

5.  Then proceeds to say that they're going to take a shower in the same room where you're sleeping.

6.  When s/he knows that the little one is going to come in and want to play while s/he is in the shower.

7.  Then, just when you get settled back in to sleep, and the boys decide to leave the house for while

8.  The little one decides to test out the doorbell several times

9.  And the cat isn't happy that he thinks he's alone in the house now and proceeds to start yowling/meowing.

10.  And then it's time to get up and go back to work until the wee hours of the morning.

Not that that's the day I've had or anything.  Happy Tuesday!  It's now my weekend!!!

1 comment:

  1. I don't miss working overnights. It sounds like you have good sense of humor with it all.