Monday, October 25, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Christmas Already?

Thank you Amanda & The Diaper Diaries for this week's Top Ten Tuesday suggestions!

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one already starting to think about Christmas.  I've been looking at different present options for my son and I've already started creating our yearly calendars to give as presents to our family.  I've looked a little bit at cards.  Last year we ordered from Tiny Prints and in the past we've ordered from KodakBUT, I just learned tonight that Shutterfly has over 700 to choose from; 700!
So, here's my top 10 choices...feel free to leave a comment on which one you like the best.  *note - the pictures shown are not of my family :o)

This one is my favorite so far.  I first saw it on The Diaper Diaries post and voted it as one of t1e ones she should pick for her own card.

Oh Holy Night is my husband's favorite Christmas song, which is why I picked this one.

The swirly things attracted me this this one.

This was the other one I liked on  The Diaper Diaries' list of choices.  I liked the colors and the headline at the top.

I'm always tempted to do a newsletter or something of that sort, giving a brief synopsis of what's happened over the year.  So I like this one because I'm able to give a little blurp about each family member.  I'd have to include the 2 kitties as one of the pictures; it might be hard to get a picture of them together.
 This one again has my thoguht of doing a yearly synopsis of what's gone on; ute that each month would have a picture.  But, I kinda do this with the family calenders we give.

 I like the colors in the Celebrate Family heading.

 I could also do an ornament for people to hang on their tree.  Might be weird for non-family members though.

I'm also considering doing a Christmas magnet.  Different than the traditional Christmas cards.  People might like this.

Go here to see Shutterfly's options for cards.  They also have Thanksgiving cards and if you order now, you could probably even get some Halloween cards too!

Well, if you've made it this far, I've got great news.  I learned on The Diaper Diaries blog that you could possibly get 50 free cards from shutterfly.  Go here to submit your blog.  Select Clever 1000 as your referal source.  


  1. I love your Christmas card ideas! I think my favorite is the O Holy Night one.

  2. The O Holy Night card is beautiful. We got our cards from tinyprints (right before shutterfly made their offer) and will be getting them soon. Our first time sending real cards in the 10 years we've been together. It always seemed so difficult before all these great card companies came around!