Monday, October 18, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - stuff coming up

Thanks Amanda for this week's list!
Time to take out the calendar to see what's coming up
1.  This week we have school with my little guy.  Every Wednesday for 2 hours.  It's a co-op, so the parents attend and participate as well.  We're lucky enough that both myself and hubby can attend.

2.  MOPS

MOPS is a Christian Ministry I attend at Central Peninsula Church. We meet everyother Thursday for 2 hours.  It's a great group.  We're all mothers of children under the age of 5, but we have Mentor Moms whose children are older (up to adult age even).  I love being a part of this group and look forward to going so much.

ok, we'll maybe not the Great Pumpkin, but Halloween is just around the corner.  I'm hoping my little guy is somewhat interested in going out this year.  I kinda of doubt it though, he'll just think we're going out for a walk I'm sure.

For unto us a child is born
Christmas - Are you already planning?  I am...I haven't started buying yet though, still making my list.

5.  My 3 year wedding anniversary - I still need to figure out what to get hubby

6.  Thanksgiving
gobble gobble

7.  Hubby's birthday - another gift I need to figure out

8.  My little guy's birthday - I can't believe he'll be 2 in January.  Time sure does fly by.

9.  My birthday - 8 days after my little guy's.

10.  Cuteness - I couldn't think of a #10, but there's always cuteness coming up with my little guy around.  Just look at him! 

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  1. That pic is true cuteness!!
    Blessings on all you've got coming up!