Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Favorite Restaurants

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is my favorite Top Ten Restaurants.  Oh Amanda gave her top ten Disney World restaurants, but since I'm not in Disney World, I decided to do something a little different.

My Top Ten Favorite Restaurants
1. Half Moon Bay Brewing Company 
This was the restaurant hubby took me here for our first date.  It's such a special place for us.  They even catered our wedding and we had our rehearsal dinner there.  It's such a wonderful place and has excellent food!

2. In-N-Out Burger 
Single, spread only.  Fries with spread on them.  I love it!!!

3. New Canton
This is my new favorite local Chinese restaurant.  We had been searching for quite some time and took a chance with this one based on reviews we had read.  It is delicious!  The food isn't greasy like typical Chinese food, but has same great taste.  Best part?  They deliver - and are always so fast and quick.

4. Tokie's
Our favorite Japanese restaurant close to home.  The staff is friendly and super nice.  Our son loves the noodles that come in the Miso soup and the one and only sushi roll I get has the same name as my husband :)

5. Pasta Pomodoro 
When my girls are in town, this is the place we go.  It's not expensive, but the food is good.

My last choices aren't very exciting, they're more just fast food probably (not that In-N-Out wasn't).

6. Togo's - my usual place to grab a sandwich while I'm at work

7.  Wendy's - Our usual family place to grab food if we're out, don't want to cook, etc.

8. Pizza - we're still in search of a new pizza place.  We used to use Round Table, but I think they've changed something in their recipe within last several years because it never sits well anymore.  So, we're on the hunt for a new place.

9. Taco Bell - haven't been there in a while, but it's easy and good.

10. Dream Dinners
Ok, so it's not a restaurant, but I couldn't come up with another one for #10 and I love going to Dream Dinners.  A friend at work told me about this and I've been going once a month for the last year.  It's so easy - pick you meals, go there and put meals together, store in freezer, take out when you want to cook them and voila, home cooked meal.  To meal, the cost makes sense.  Never heard of it, check it out and see if there's one near you!

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